Saturday, 19 December 2009

Giving a shirt for the environment-- and educating the future: innovation@COP15

 Lisa Williams-Lahari, Climate Pasifika Media
Friday 18 December 2009, COPENHAGEN-- One of the great things about an event like COP 15 is the innovation and 'best practice' that comes out to be replicated, shared, unveiled. We caught up with New York-based journalist and lecturer Don Carli who joined the throngs at COP15 juggling more than a fancy digital camera. He was also here fundraising for the ReShirt initiative, which he shares here with our team: 

TRANSCRIPT: Hi I'm Don Carling, Senior Research Fellow with the Institute for Sustainable Communication in New York, here at the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen. And while I'm doing my duties as a member of the media in covering the COP, I'm also here talking about Hopenhagen and the Eco 360 Hopenhagen re-shirt that the institute produced to raise money for college scholarships ner city youth. So we're working with the UN and the Hopenhgen team, we came up with a concept to raise money for scholarships with what we call our re-shirt, thats rethinking the t-shirt. This is a t-shirt made of 100% recycled PET bottles, it's printed digitally in a process that uses no water and of course we all know the dying of fabric is a major source of water pollution. It's also manufacured in the US in LA by small family businesses and 100percent of the proceeds from this program go to support inner city youth that need help with their college scholarships. So we call it the Re-Shirt and we're asking people this year don't buy a shirt, give a shirt. And the trust mark we put on it is about our commitment to walking the talk. Letting the medium be the message. --ENDS

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