Monday, 14 March 2011

Pacific Climate Change Roundtable 2011 Niue Tour: Part 2

For the conference goers at the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable in Niue this year, the meeting kicked off with a tour the ended with all participants hosted by the village of Avatele.  Great meal, great entertainment and new friendships were formed with the visit!

Welcome to Avatele!

Participants greeted by Avatele with a cool drink

Entertainment by the ladies of Avatele!

Kaikai time!


Turn to the right!

Avatele dance team!

Getting ready!

Dance team ready to go on stage!

On stage!

Final number from the hosts

Farewell song before it was back on the tour bus for the participants

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  1. Thanks for this and for the work you all do. Great to see our Avatele people showing off their dancing skills!

    Our Pacific people needs to be well informed about matters relating to climate changes. Island countries don't have huge/high land masses to escape to when tsunamis come; hence the need to be well prepared and vigilant. Bigger countries should front up and fund your projects, after all they caused most of this mess! (Paku).