Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beyond Rio+20

By Ms. Brianna Fruean, age 14 years, Samoa

Messages from youth visible on walls at the Rio+20

18 June, 2012, Rio de Janeiro - It is getting so close to when the World leaders arrive and the action of the meeting starts. When that’s all done whether the outcome is positive or negative, we ask ourselves, what happens next? 

An event to encourage people to think and plan what they are going to after Rio+20 to bring sustainable development for the planet was hosted by the AEGEE (European Students Forum), called "Beyond Rio+20”.

For Youth, Rio+20 is a learning experience and a place to meet other people and make connections, if these connections aren’t used after the conference, it can easily be lost.

A partnership between the wise and the young can be very successful.

The panel of speakers featured advocates who were youth during the very first Earth Summit 20 years ago, now many years on the discussions allowed for reflection on experiences and issues that have evolved since then.

"We were once young and easily lost connections. Young people should make use of their time and plan so that their networks and new friendships do not start and end at Rio+20", said Michael Davidson, who was youth environment advocacate during the first Earth Summit 20 years ago.

Social media is a perfect way of staying on track, it's also a form of communication that was not available in 1992, this side event encouraged youth to use social media networks such as facebook and twitter to stay in touch and help make the Rio+20 outcomes come alive.

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