Sunday, 5 December 2010

Cancun negotiations drifting apart says Nauru

Ambassador Marlene Moses, Nauru's Ambassador to the United Nations

By Stanley Simpson, Climate Pasifika Media Team

04 December Cancun Mexico - Negotiations for a new global climate change agreement is drifting apart in Cancun, says Nauru’s ambassador to the UN Marlene Moses, but Pacific nations are not going to give up the fight.

Ambassador Moses says the Pacific voice through AOSIS is being heard, but it is not being listened to.

“Being heard is one thing, being listened to is another. I don’t believe that we are being listened to here in Cancun. Even though we are active in raising our issues, I believe its just falling on deaf ears.”

“Our issues are drifting apart. “

Ambassador Moses says the last thing the Pacific wants is a collapse of the negotiations but she fears some past bad practices are going to occur again.

“What we don’t want to see is another non-inclusive, non-transparent and non-binding agreement.”

Like other island nations Nauru is earnestly seeking concrete decisions on climate change adaptation – particularly with regards to funding.

“Adaptation is critical for Pacific island countries, but if the provision for resources and finances are not there then it compounds the urgency of our situation,” she says.

“It is important that any text on adaptation feature the particularly vulnerable positions of small island developing states.”

“It must always be featured, it must always be addressed, and it must be prominent in any document.”

When asked what Nauru and other island nations should do if the Cancun negotiations fall apart – Ambassador Moses was emotional as she declared the need to fight on.

“We are fighting for our survival. This is an ongoing fight, and I believe that every Pacific nation that is represented here has to fight tooth and nail for the future of their country and their people.”

“So it does not stop when Cancun is over. That’s like saying that’s the end of the Pacific.  It’s not going to be Hasta La Vista baby for us.”

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