Sunday, 5 December 2010


Cherelle Jackson of Samoa writing for Eearth Negotiations Bulletin
Pacific writing in Earth Negotiations Bulletin

It’s another Climate Change meeting for Cherelle Jackson of Samoa.  Cherelle has covered a number of UN Climate Change meetings over the last few years including COP 15 in Copenhagen.  This year she has been asked to write for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) which is part of the International Institute for Sustainable Development.  The Bulletin has writers from all over the world and Cherelle says she is the first Pacific writer to write for ENB.

“I’m here to provide some background on the Pacific to them, while still reporting on international issues,” says Cherelle.  “They did not have anyone from the Pacific so the issues of SIDS and AOSIS were not being provided.”

“I’m finding the events this year - especially in regards from the NGOs and the private sector and IGOs - more on the long term perspectives whereas last year at COP 15 people were demanding immediate action.

“It was more aggressive in a sense last year – this year they are focusing more on remedial actions, long term mitigation and so forth.”

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