Tuesday, 24 May 2011

“Who do you think should be the key audience for climate change information and why?”

Michiline Time, Senior Journalism Student, National University of Samoa
23 May 2011, Apia, Samoa

“Now, there are two levels of key audience, one level is the policy makers and the other level is those at the grass root level as what the policy makers put into place effects those at the grass roots level. In the future, the key audience will be the school children, our next generations.”

Dr Graeme Sem – Climate change consultant

“The Governments and the message for them is to get the policies right as they set the direction for all climate change projects. General public is an important audience as what is done at the government level must have ownership at the community level. It is important that you know your audience in communicating climate change.”

Dr Frank Griffin – Papua New Guinea

“The community level is the key audience as they are the ones being affected in terms of the food they eat and where they live.”

Mii Matamaki – Cook Islands

“I think it will be the people right at the community level, where there’s a lot of confusion about what climate change is causing. Climate change is sort of distinguishing changes in our environment. As technical people sometimes concepts is hard enough for us to understand them, so they’re [community level] the ones who really need that information.”

Emmajil Bogari-Ahai – Papua New Guinea

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