Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Soundbites@COP15 - High level speakers, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa

by Ahimsa Kibikibi,PNG National Broadcasting, Climate Pasfika

Copenhagen 15 December - Pacific leaders, through their respective delegates have been vocal on why they are here in Copenhagen. Climate Pasifika gives their voices.


Colonel  Samuela Saumatua - Fiji's Environment Minister
"No amount of money can resurrect what has been submerged or reverse the devastating effects of natural disasters. It is crucial that we adopt targets of mitigation activities that provide for long time stablization of atmospheric greenhouse gas concerntration and well below 350 parts per million. "

Colin Beck - Permanent Representative of the Solomon Islands to the United Nations
"When we speak of quick finances, I think it also needs to link to the long term goals, so its not about money its about survival for us. Finally I would like to say, it is a matter of urgency and failure is not an option. "

 Feturi Elisaio - Permanent Representative of Samoa to the United Nations
"We are here because science instructed us to be here and science instructed us to act now, why because we share the same planet and for Samoa, we call this planet our heritage, it is also our home, for some they call it an investment or a disposable asset." 

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