Saturday, 16 June 2012

Message to World Leaders at Rio+20 from the youth of today

By Brianna Fruean, 14 years, Samoa

16 June, 2012, Rio de Janeiro -

Simon Matafai, NZ Youth Representative (On left)

"If you don’t invest in Youth then you are investing in failure. World Leaders need to develop robust and binding ambitious frameworks that will not sabotage future generations concerning sustainable development, from everything from Climate Change to Social Justice.

World Leaders need to be robust and be radical.

They need to put aside other interests, especially in terms of financial interests in private sectors. They need to do what they know deep down inside is right for the next generation.

World Leaders also need to realize they are human themselves, because to prick them, they’ll probably bleed, they too are human just like the rest of us, their decisions to secure the future of this planet is not only for their own survival but for everyone.

I pose a question to world leaders, if they are not ready to die then why do they think us in the Pacific are ready to die? Why do they think our culture is ready to die, our land ready to die?

 Climate Change affects our own existence.

I want to challenge world leaders to stand up and create a platform to secure the future.

There is too much talk and not enough walk. We want to see something tangible come out of this meeting that will benefit future generations."

Anam Gill, Pakistan (Fourth from the left)

"After 20 years we have gathered again in Rio to talk about an outcome of this meeting to make implemented decisions for a better world. So instead of a deadlock, all the world leaders gathered should have a consensus and we should come up with some solutions to this important issue that the world is fading which is important for our future.

It’s about time that we forget about our differences and we should talk about our commonality to come up with a solution, because it’s very important for us young people who are looking forward to this meeting and it’s outcomes.

We are hoping that this is not going to be a failure but rather a success. So I wish the world leaders will act accordingly and think positively to open their minds and hearts."

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