Monday, 14 December 2009

YourVoices@COP15-- Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator

Lisa Williams Lahari, Freelance reporter, Climate Pasifika team.

Copenhagen, 14 December - Climate Pasifika Reporter Lisa Williams Lahari spent time with the UNDP Administrator, Helen Clark this morning - we bring you the transcript and the video.

LWL: UNDP is embedded in Pacific development  - we all want to know - what's your position on 1.5 and 350?   
Clark: We're a multilateral organisation so we are not negotiating but we are here to support our friends to get the best deal they can because its a development issue and that's our position. It's a development issue.
LWL: But whatever comes out of COP is going to affect the Pacific; whatever comes out of here UNDP has to live with in it's Pacific work.
Clark: Absolutely. That's why we're saying we're here to step up efforts, so if we can get this fast-track funding moving...there's so much to do, so much to do.

LWL:  Pushing for a legally binding agreement or just having to live with whatever comes out of COP?
Clark: I think they're still a long way from a legally binding text - that's the problem. But there has to be a legally binding text. Whether it's here or at some point, it can't just drift on...really I think the critical thing is if the legally binding text isn't completed til next year the money on the fast track still has to come...
LWL: You've said that this is an extraordinarily serious development issue. What's the extraordinary approach thats going to be needed to get the answers?
Clark: There has to be obviously radical action in industrialised countries to get emissions down, that's number one and secondly the cash has to flow to help developing countried to adapt and mitigate ...It's not rocket science aye."

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