Thursday, 17 December 2009

Pacific Voices @ COP15: David Sheppard, SPREP Director

Geoffrey Smith, Fiji TV, Climate Pasifika

Copenhagen, 17 December -

SPREP Director David Sheppard

We've done our best to put a clear message through to all of the delegates relating to the urgency of the need for action in relation to the Pacific Island countries and territories that climate change is affecting livelihoods and that al of the countries including developed countries need to listen to this voice.

They need to give support for adaptation and mitigation in a practical way.

The challenge always the Pacific and also as part of AOSIS as part of the Alliance of Small Island States have argued for a very strong legally binding instrument from this COP15.

It appears that this is going to be very difficult because of entrenched positions of different parties but the Pacific still maintain the view that we need the strongest possible legal action, we need the strongest possible support to help the people and islands of the pacific to adapt to this major threat of climate change.

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