Friday, 18 March 2011

Climate change meeting in Niue welcomes local culture

16 March, Alofi, Niue - The Leviatana Dance Team from Alofi South in Niue has been a vibrant part of the Pacific Climate Change Roundtable this year. Featuring as entertainment during evening events and side events, the team of young dancers have impressed all with their skills.

Originally formed 20 years ago, the cultural dance team began as a way to bring young people together and help develop their skills. The name of the dance team encompasses all that the group stands for – community spirit, unity and strength.

“We try to get our young people to know more about us here at home, instead of watch the talents of those overseas on TV,” said Sinahemana Hekau one of the choreographers of the dance team.

“We wanted to bring the young people together and fill a gap and give them the opportunity to learn about Niue culture and develop their skills.”

 The team is made up of young boys and girls from Alofi South, to perform traditional chants prepared by the elders in the village, dance Niue cultural items and help to keep the Niue history and culture alive.

"We perform to songs about the environment we’ve performed dances about the wind, the land and the ocean so we acknowledge our environment and how valuable it is to us as Pacific islanders.”

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