Thursday, 26 May 2011

FSM includes climate change in national environment law

Mona Ainu'u - Broadcasting Corporation of Niue

Apia, Samoa - The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) has legislation in place that addresses climate change to help them address the effects in a faster and effective manner. It is planned this will help them strengthen their plans of progress when it comes to response and adaptation measures.

“As part of mainstreaming we are fortunate to have our climate change policy signed by FSM president back in 2009, we then worked with the legislator to push the legislation, incorporating climate change into the environmental law,” said Simpson Abraham, the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change Coordinator of FSM.

Simpson Abraham, FSM
Understanding the impacts of climate change and disaster risk reduction, Abraham is pleased with steps taken by his government and shared the experiences of FSM with participants at the “Lessons for future action conference” this week in Apia, Samoa.

“We still work with policy makers and try to explain the concept of climate change to our people. We have to incorporate all the information that people can easily understand in order to accept these policies”.

Using environmental assessments done in previous years with a focus on coastal responses to climate change and working with an adaptation program on sea level rise is another useful way of utilising existing investments and work.

“Locals should have practical hands on experience when it comes to modelling tools. We would like to build the capacity within our islands, so we do not keep bringing people from outside to do the job.

We need to convert science for locals to understand”.

In ending his presentation, Abraham asked everyone to be on the same agenda when it comes to climate change and to unite, speak the one language and forge ahead.

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