Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pacific Climate Change: thoughts in general

By Michael Richard, Senior Journalism Student, Vanuatu Institute of Technology
23 May 2011

"Climate change should be taken seriously by countries, especially in the pacific region because it’s impacting on the present generation as well as the future generation. Climate change is a continuous thing and we must take actions, so that our children will have a safe environment. The way to address climate change will be involving partner countries, neighbours to co-operate together.

Even though climate change affects more on small Islands countries, where greenhouse gases been contributed by large Industrialised countries, we believe those Industrialisef countries also need to co-operate with small countries and bring about HOPE for the future.

We need co-operation amongst organisations, individuals and the sharing of information; it’s not enough to have scientific information in libraries. We need to communicate this information through extension services [agricultural]. We need to think of other ways not to ruin our environment to make sure that climate change is controlled and adapt to this climate changes.”

Ekpo Ossom, University of the South Pacific Alafua Campus, Samoa

"We would like to learn from these experiences and share it with our community.

I think it’s quite appropriate with most of its adaptation activities, what they try to link it with disaster risks production that they’re planning. It’s appropriate also that they get to share their experiences on developments and progress with us.

I think what is happening in the conference this week, is the correct method of addressing the climate change in the Pacific Island Nations to gather together and to explore how to plan our goals towards the national planning of the disaster risk management."

Andrew Tukana, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Land Resources Division, Fiji

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