Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Green and Blue economy explanation for youth by Brianna Fruean

Ms. Brianna Fruean, 14 years, Samoa

16 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro - A green economy is a topic being discussed in Rio+20.

We will not be able to have sustainable development without the resources that nature provides, our economy depends on the capital resources found on green land.

As the Earth has been affected by acts of man, the resources it provides are becoming scarcer. Shortage of valuable resources such as water affects the entire globe and is a great concern to all countries. This is why we are trying to promote a green economy. We are trying not only to save these liabilities but also creating jobs to cater to our green land. These jobs are known as green jobs.
When it comes to the Pacific our valuable resources come from the blue ocean, because we are small islands we depend on our ocean to provide food and much more. We call this a Blue economy. An economy based around the ocean and its sea life.

Both Blue and Green economy are based around improved human wellbeing and equity while at the same time building a sustainable development.

A green economy could provide 15-60 million jobs around the world and do wonders to poverty. This is needed for a sustainable future and healthy planet. Hopefully Rio+20 can activate a Green Economy.

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