Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Why do you think Rio+20 is so important?"

Opinion poll conducted by Ms. Brianna Fruean, 14 years of age, Samoa

Aysel Asgarova, Azerbaijan, 24 years of age

Answer: "Rio+20 is a Once-In-A-Generation milestone event which will shape the future we want".
Question: What kind of future young people want?
Answer: "I, as a young person involved in promotion of non-formal peer-to-peer education, I am advocating here for the future that will ensure access of young youth to be friendly, productive health services for the future that will ensure opportunity for everyone and diversity in society."

Eva Chin-Jung Li, Taiwan, 19 years of age

Answer: "Rio+20 is the way of reforming the future we want and then constructing the new systems of green economy."
Question: Why do we have to care?
Answer: "Because we are the next generation and we bear the consequences of these decisions made by the adults here at Rio+20. We care because 20 years later we have to implement what they have come to decide at this meeting. It’s our responsibility to make the earth sustainable now for the benefit of the next generation to come."

Gracia Lee , Brazil, 18 years of age

Answer: "The world has changed a lot in many ways, the environment is not good and animals are endangered. After the Rio meeting in 1992, we were waiting but not many things have been done. I think it’s important to come again and discuss what they want for the world and think again because the world really needs these meetings on decisions."

Chola Simwanza, Zambia, 25 years of age, Commonwealth Youth Climate Network

Answer: I"t’s important because it creates a platform for youth. I was in Durban and now here trying to find solutions. I would say it’s important because we are the future. There are so many aspects that are here and I hope that in the end of the Summut, some resolutions will be made. Resolutions that are concrete and that are binding."

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