Thursday, 4 July 2013

Relocation guideline for Fiji

By Halitesh Datt, Fiji TV

4 July 2013, Nadi, Fiji - The Fiji government is in the process of developing a relocation guideline for communities that are affected by the impacts of climate change.

The guideline will put in place some of the valuable lessons learnt and good practices from the current relocation sights in the country.

As Halitesh Datt reports, the guideline is expected to to be launched later this month.

The government is currently spearheading relocation of two communities in the country.

However people need not to panic about government's plan of relocating communities facing the brunt of climate change.

Director Political Treaties and Head of Climate Change Unit, Esala Nayasi says relocation is the last resort for the government and there is a need for a comprehensive discussion with the communities.

Director Political Treaties and Head of Climate Change Unit, Esala Naya

The government is also meeting with the development partners as well as donor agencies to source more funds for climate change related projects in the country.

Meanwhile the government is also taking these meetings as an avenue to explore more ideas of addressing climate change.

The government will make its recommendation for the United Nations COP 19 to be held in Poland at the end of the year.

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