Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Message from Copenhagen: Tuvalu, FSM, Pacific youth and Cook Islands

"Hi my name is Tauki Kitala and Im from Tuvalu...my hope from this meeting for Tuvalu is that we hope to get a legally binding agreement for this COP 15.

And we're also hoping that the Kyoto Protocol will not be killed."

"My name is Andrew Yatilman and Im from the Federated States of Micronesia. Basically we are here and our mandate is to make sure that out of this COP15 in Copenhagen we can achieve a legally binding agreement."

Pacific youth
"Hi my name is Shobazdeep Kand and I Iive in Canberra and Im part of a project called Project Survival. Were a group thats around the world trying to get youth from regions such as the Pacific, the Carribean and Africa a voice in this conference and trying to get them heard because having grown up in Fiji I understand exactly what climate change and sea level rise will do to our island nations and how devastating it will be if this conference does not achieve something thats meaningful, something thats binding and ambitious and is fair by the end of this  process."

Cook Islands
"Hi Im Myra Pukaia Moeka'a and Im from the Cook Islands. We're here because we want a legally binding agreement. We're one of the vulnerable countries and we want something that will ensure that developed countries meet their commitments at the end of this meeting. "
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