Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Pacific voice at Copenhagen

Climate change threatens the very existence of Pacific Islanders and they are pushing for an ambitious, legally binding deal in Copenhagen, despite coming to the meeting in good faith.

Their stand was made clear at a press conference today, by a panel of speakers from the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoa and the Federated States of Micronesia. 

Speaking on behalf of the Government of the Republic of the Fiji Islands, minister for environment, Colonel Samuela Saumatua highlighted that climate change is a grim reality, Pacific Islanders have to live with everyday.

He said the Pacific’s expectation for the meet is ambitious as climate change threatens the Pacific way of live and its rich cultures.

However, Solomon Island’s Permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Colin Beck expressed disappointment that there have been no substantial commitments from industrialized countries, to reduce their emissions.

"We come with alot of hope and with alot of positive spirit and alot of positive things have been said. I only say that it has been a little disheartening to hear from the opening sessions yesterday that no real committments were made by non annex one countries, " he said.

Samoa’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Feturi Elisaia questioned if the 10 billion dollars put down for adaptation for the next three years, will be sufficient.

He said the Pacific needs finances but it is not asking for handouts as each country had their  own national response plans but any finance given must be for the long term.

Ahimsa Kibikibi
Climate Pasifika

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