Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Awareness is the key, says Fund board member

By Stanley Simpson, Climate Pasifika Media Team

7 December, Cancun, Mexico - As debate and discussion continues in Cancun on how to directly access funds from the climate change Adaptation Fund Board and set up National Implementing Entities (NIEs) – a member of the Board has thrown his support behind the need for a capacity building and regional workshop on the facility.

AOSIS has put forward a draft text proposing regional workshops on the Adaptation Fund.

Peceli Vocea, Fiji’s ambassador to Brussels who sits on the board says awareness is the key – and will allow countries to know what exactly needs to be done to access the fund.

“I believe it is about awareness, awareness about what needs to be addressed,” says Ambassador Vocea.

“If there is going to be a NIE in a country then they have to meet certain fiduciary standards, accountability standards, transparency standards which I think most of the Ministries themselves – particularly in Fiji – can qualify for. Its just a matter of understanding what the benchmark is.”

“NIE’s must look to meet the benchmarks so that the Board can have confidence in the entity to account for the funds.”

Vocea says it is just early days for the fund which was established in 2006/2007 and which has been trying to put in place operating and financial procedures to be followed.

“There are some regions, including our region that are pushing for awareness workshops. We need to have focused meetings just for the adaptation fund and the issues related to it.”

“I will support a regional workshop. I think there are a few ways we can bring this awareness campaign to the region.

However Vocea is mindful that no funds have been set aside for awareness – only for concrete adaptation proposals.

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