Friday, 3 December 2010

Scene@COP16: Pacific delegate at work

1 December Cancun Mexico - Chanel Iroi of the Solomon Islands delegation found somewhere quiet to work in between informal meetings at the Cancun Climate Change talks. With the large numbers of participants attending this meeting, available power sources for laptops, available computers for use around the venue and reliable internet connections have caused problems and stemmed the flow of work for some.

The Cancun climate change conference is held across five different buildings throughout two different venues. The Media and some meeting rooms are a 10 minute bus ride away the main conference room, with a spate of meeting rooms less than a 2 minute walk away from the main conference room, all within the Moon Palace.

The second conference venue is the Cancun Messe, this is where side events are held, as well as the main security checkpoint, exhibit booths and meeting accreditation facilities. In order to reach the Moon Palace, you must first travel by special bus to the Cancun Messe, before clearing security to board the second bus to Moon Palace.

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