Friday, 3 December 2010

Scene@COP16: Protest – Respect for Recyclers: We are Climate Fighters

1 December Cancun, Mexico - A protest outside the meeting rooms of the Cancun Climate Change talks yesterday drew much interest. The international coalition of grass root recyclers and waste pickers united with citizens’ groups from around the world to call for an end to wasted resources in incinerators and landfills, and to demand respect and support for world’s recyclers and the planet.
“The work of wastepickers should be respected and recognized because of its contribution in combating climate change and reducing emissions, alleviating poverty. There are millions of people employed in this sector,” said Simon Mbata from the South African Wastepickers Association. “One of the biggest enemies of climate change and recyclers are CDM and its projects, which do not combat climate change – but spread emissions throughout the continents and destroying the livelihoods of millions.”

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