Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Enhanced climate change education work in Fiji

Halitesh Datt, Fiji TV reporting from Doha, COP 18
Interview with Savenaca Kaunisela - Permanent Secretary, Ministry of i taukei Affairs.
4 December 2012, Qatar, Doha - Following successful first week of negotiations with world leaders and lessons learned at the United Nations COP 18 in Doha, Fiji's Ministry of itaukei Affairs now plans to enhance its awareness and education programme for the itaukei people in the country.

Plans are afoot to establish a unit within the ministry that will mainstream all the aspects of climate change awareness and education programme for the itaukei people.

Permanent secretary for the itaukei affairs, Savenaca Kaunisela says the ministry has taken a lead role in educating itaukei people on the impacts of climate change..however still needs to be done.

Kaunisela says more concerted effort is also needed to involve itaukei people in climate change mitigation and adaptation projects.

The launch of a climate change glossary in itaukei language two weeks ago was a major leap forward for the ministry in reaching out to the community level.

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