Wednesday, 5 December 2012

More Pacific youth needed at UN Climate Change negotiations

Halitesh Datt, Fiji TV in Doha, Qatar
Interview with Devika Raj-Project Survival Pacific Rep

The Pacific youth ambassador at the UNFCCC COP 18, Devika Raj is hoping to empower youths in creating awareness on climate change in the region.

Raj says one of the ways to do so is to create more avenues to educate people especially youths about climate change.

Given the vulnerability of pacific islands to climate change, youths can play a pivotal role in voicing concerns of the Pacific region.

However Raj says there should be a greater participation of youths in climate change related activities, and is hoping more youths from the region will come forward in future and carry out negotiations.

In the past UN climate negotiations Pacific youth played a stronger role, she hopes that this will strengthen at future events.

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  1. Could you please correct your post. Devika is from Project Survival Pacific NOT "Pacific Survival Pacific" as stated in your blog.

    The name of our organization is Project Survival Pacific. We wish for you to correct this in your blog to ensure correct reporting.


    Mr. Krishneil Narayan
    Executive Director of Project Survival Pacific
    Suva, Fiji.