Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Role of the media in climate change and disaster management

By Halitesh Datt of Fiji TV
10 July 2013, Nadi, Fiji - The role of the media in responding to climate change was highlighted during a joint climate change and disaster risk management talks in Nadi, Fiji.
A baseline survey conducted by the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme, PACMAS on the state of the Pacific media found that media reported on news but failed to analyse the actual situation on the ground.
PACMAS Strategic Activity Advisor, Merana Kitione says NGO's are the one's who actually provide the forum to talk about issues such as climate change and Pacific emergency broadcast.
However she adds that this may not be applicable to all the media outlets throughout the region.

 Merana Kitione- Strategic Activity Advisor- PACMAS

The survey also found the need for the publishing of articles in local languages.
With most media in the region publishing in English, people at the community level are not able to get a clear message.
The report will be officially launched next month.

Merana Kitione- Strategic Activity Advisor- PACMAS

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