Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Bold Tuvalu scores rare acclaim at COP15

Tuvalu managed to scoop the first ever Ray of the Day award today in a satirical game-show style ceremony at the COP15. The historical award is presented on rare occasions to countries that substantially advance progress in global climate talks; and was scooped by the Pacific nation after chief negotiator Ian Fry made bold proposals during plenary to create a contact group to discuss, in an open and transparent forum, the legal outcome of the COP. Tuvalu's bold move has bolstered solidarity amongst other Pacific nations in the AOSIS group who are part of the call for Copenhagen to deliver a legally binding and enforceable outcome.This means, as well as a second commitment of the Kyoto Protocol, a complementary agreement that covers non-Kyoto parties must take place. For this agreement to be born, the discussion must begin. At the other end of the spectrum, Canada and Croatia won the first place daily 'fossil awards' for worst climate change performance, while Russia managed to slip into second place.

Rachna Lal
Climate Pasifika/CAN International release

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