Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Yourvoices@COP15:Kim Carstensen, WWF

TRANSCRIPT: The easy bit is one where developing countries get support from developed countries in terms of finance or in terms of technology. For those bits developing countries seem perfectly willing to measure, to report and to have it verified. They are willing and you can see that in the basic paper.  They are willing to live up to whatever international guidelines there might be .But on the other part the part they do themselves then they have more reservations because why should they just put up to international scrutiny.This is ours they say. Its our actions, its our money, our responsibility and you shouldn't interfere with that.
The trick will be to find a balance and that this is done in accordance of course with national rules of countries. But on the other hand in a way that makes it transparent to the world,because its important for the world and the atmosphere We need to find a way in which it will be verified, the reporting requirements, the measurement standards and even the accounting rules are there for everybody so that we know we can trust information the country's give us.

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