Thursday, 10 December 2009

Manus, PNG, meets the world in Denmark

Ahimsa Kibikibi
PNG National Broadcasting Corporation
Climate Pasifika

A commuity impacted by climate change in Papua New Guinea's Manus Islands have been featured in an exhibition in Copenhagen,Denmark, in a bid to bring to the attention of leaders and negotiators the urgency and need for a legally binding agreement at the United Nations climate talks.The Manus group is one main island,surrounded by a number of smaller low lying atolls, most of which were inundated with salt water and had houses and reefs destroyed, following king tides that struck the area in December 2008. The plight of the Manus people along with other indigenous but vulnerable groups of people from around the world are exhibited through photo essays, of compelling pictures that tell their stories and experiences, in dealing with the adverse impacts of climate change. The exhibition is now open at the National Mueseum in Copenhagen but two others were previously staged in Paris and is the brain child of French photojournalist, Nicolas Villaume from Conversations with the Earth, a non governmental group working to advocate the rights of indigenous people and communities living in critical eco-systems around the world. 

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