Thursday, 10 December 2009

YourVoices@COP15 -- Bernadette Chandia, Uganda

 We got an interesting viewpoint from the Climate Debt Agents on their take on COP15. There was also a glimpse from the African Climate Change Dance Theatre about the impacts of climate change on some of the continents unique wildlife. 

TRANSCRIPT: I'm Bernadette Kodili Chandia from Uganda and we are the cimate debt agents. We chose to put on red because it's a color that shows a lot and to show that climate change is now and we need the responsible people to pay their climate debt. Right now there are many people in developing countries...the small islands, that are going to suffer if nothing is done at the COP. So our leaders should wake up and make a legally binding deal. That's what we want out of COP15. We don't want political binding. We already have Kyoto Protocol which is good, which is already legally binding. Why should we settle for less? We want something that will save the world. And that's what the climate agents are saying.

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