Sunday, 13 December 2009

Satire and smiles help get climate change message across

Geoffrey Smith and Lisa Williams-Lahari
Saturday 12 December 2009--COPENHAGEN: COP15 might be a serious affair but for career cartoonist Erik Petri, there is another way of getting all the serious messages across.  Every morning,  Petri puts his mind into overdrive as he sums up the key highlights of the last 24 hours through his sketches which could range from anything from the intense lobbying of the G77 or the odds faced by other groupings like AOSIS.  For Petri, the cartoons are aimed at making people laugh and hopefully at the end of that ponder the satirically serious message behind it all.  "A lot of times it is easier to discuss from an image than just with words," says Petri, "it's a lot easier when you have symbols that you could talk from - so hopefully people will be able to see the satirical approach.  They will laugh first but then the seriousness of the message will get to them afterwards - and they will act on it. That's my hope anyway.--ENDS.

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