Sunday, 13 December 2009

Your voice @ COP 15: Peter Emberson Pacific Council of Churches

Geoffrey Smith, Fiji TV, Climate Pasifika

Sunday 12 December, COPENHAGEN -- As COP15 wraps up its first week of intense negotiations in the lead up to the arrival of over a hundred world leaders, the 43 member Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) hopes they can add a unique Pacific spiritual dimension to the climate talks.
Consisting largely of all the major religious denominations in the Pacific, the PCC says in an international summit of this nature, valuable input from bodies such as theirs can also serve as a conscience above some of the competing interests that have become obvious.

TRANSCRIPT:The churches are basically the conscience of meetings like this.  In the rush for deals to be struck that has financial implications and a lot of other profit hidden agendas, we liken ourselves to the conscience so we come in and remind our leaders that for issues that have high implications like climate change, rationalisation along profit and purely focusing on the financial aspects of things is very short sighted. Because in order to safeguard our natural resources and our human resources we need to look beyond and take courage and not only focus on these kinds of financial implications and neo-liberal economies.-- ENDS.

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