Friday, 11 December 2009

InsideInsights@COP15: climatepacific digital postcards

Climate Pacific media team, Friday 11 December 2009 -- Never has a UN conference been the focus of so much media and activist attention, and while Denmark marvels at its own hosting of the 1,400 journalists who have converged on Copenhagen this week, it's a historic moment for Pacific media too. Here in numbers aimed at making a difference via the internet, a Climate Pasifika media team led by SPREP's Nanette Woonton, a former Cook Islands TV News Director, is helping to keep the home newsrooms informed on how Pacific /AOSIS negotiations are progressing. Woonton is our inaugural 'insider' as we launch a daily series of digital postcards offering InsideInsights from pacific journos covering COP15.  Got any burning questions, input and ideas for our Pacific leaders and teams here in Copenhagen?  Send an Email

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