Friday, 11 December 2009

YourVoices@COP15 -- Malia Nobrega, Hawaii

From Hawaii to Copenhagen: Aloha! Malia Nobrega

TRANSCRIPT: Aloha! My name is Malia Nobrega and I work with an NGO based in Hawaii participating with indigenous people-- the main thing coming out of the indigenous people's caucus is the need for resprect for indigenous people's rights: in reference to our lands,
territories and culture; our traditional practices... so we're just trying to make sure that states are looking at climate change and remembering that people have rights.
Q: You're here as part of 20,000 other delegates trying to get their point across. How are you making sure you will be heard?
Nobrega: I think we have a strong delegation here of Indigenous people from around the world -- not just from Hawaii or just from around the Pacific. You know, we have brothers and sisters that are joining together as a caucus and coming up with our consensus points. And today we will be lobbying the different governments to share our points.
Q: Today being such a special day (Human Rights Day) what's your message to people?
Nobrega: For all of us in the Pacific, we know the reality of climate when our culture disappears it's a part of us disappearing. And we want to make sure that we are there for generations to come and also for our people that are living Aloha! ENDS

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