Friday, 11 December 2009

PNG sees REDD on climate change

Ahimsa Kibikibi, PNG, Climate Pasifika Friday 11 December 2009, COPENHAGEN-- A Papua New Guinean non governmental organization has criticized the country's sole focus on Reducing Emissions on Deforestation and Degradation, (REDD) at the climate change talks in Copenghagen. Executive Director of the PNG Eco- Forestry Forum, Thomas Paka told Climate Pasifika PNG is spending too much time and focus on REDD and is neglecting other climate change issues like adaptation, which he said is sad and disappointing to note at the meeting. Mr Paka said adaptation measures are equally important as PNG's low lying islands are sinking and food security is at stake for many islanders but PNG is blinded by REDD because of the anticpated financial gains from this incentive, which he said is a narrow way of addressing climate change.
SOUNDBITE: " Climate change is not REDD, PNG is spending too much time and focus on REDD which is very very narrow. It must address all aspects of climate change,"
Meantime, Vanuatu has revealed it is making very good progess in terms of its preparations on REDD. Vanuatu's Director of Meteorology and lead delegate, Jotham Napat said Vanuatu has developed a manual and has appointed its Designated National Authority (DNA), to approve REDD projects and is ahead of PNG in terms of preparations, should REDD be endorsed.
He made this known when asked on its position on REDD and whether it supports PNG's push in the plenary session, for an ammendment to be made to the Kyoto Protocol to include REDD.
SOUNDBITE: " In REDD, Vanuatu also stands to support Papua New Guinea because we have developed our REDD".--ENDS

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