Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bianca Jagger on the PNG delegation

Ahimsa Kibikibi, PNG National Broadcasting Corporation, Climate Pasifika
Copenhagen, 14 December - Papua New Guinea is hosting a gala event in Copenhagen, which features Bianca Jagger, who is registered as a country delegate.

The former Mrs Jagger, a prominent human rights and climate change advocate, also a goodwill ambassador was invited to promote the rights of indigenous forest dwelling communities, under the ticket of the Coalition of Rainforest Nations, which PNG co-chairs.

Audio: Bianca Jagger
Transcript: ' I am invited to be speaking to the gala that the Coalition of Rainforest Nations will have,' she said.

She will be presenting on  the inclusion of indigenous rights of forest owners which she says is key for a successful REDD agreement.

Audio: Bianca Jagger
Transcript: ' we really cannot achieve a successful,effective and robust REDD agreement if we are not going to include indigenous people and their communities.

Meanwhile,evironmental watchdog Global Witness has highlighted concerns over PNG's opposition to a provision of text which safeguards indigenous rights in the REDD text document.

Dr Rosalind Reeve said questions will have to raised with chief negotiator, Kevin Conrad as to why PNG opposed this important provision,which is now in the preamble and not in operations, where it can be covered in the legally binding text instead of just being where it does not count.

Dr Reeve said the safeguards on indigenous rights do impede on human rights, if they are surpressed.

Audio: Dr Reeve
Transcript: 'Papua New Guinea opposed this provision in the operation, so then in effect Papua New Guinea is opposing the safeguards on rights and some questions need to be raised with Kevin Conrad,' she said.

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