Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Yvo de Boer takes blame for ‘nightmarish’ logistical arrangements

Makereta Komai, PACNEWS, Climate Pasfika -
Copenhagen, 15 December
- UN climate change boss, Yves de Boer has taken full blame for the overwhelming logistical arrangements that forced thousands of delegates and observers out in the cold for up to six hours yesterday (Monday) queuing to get into the conference venue here in Copenhagen.

In his daily briefing Tuesday, de Boer said he was responsible for all the ‘difficulties’ yesterday.

“You can’t fit a size 12 shoe into a size 6. The conference centre can only take 15,000 people. What do we do when 46,000 are registered and wanted their voices to be heard here at the conference?

“Do we stop when registration reached 15,000?

“Our expectations were that people will come in and out during the two weeks conference", Mr de Boer explained.

The flow of people into the conference improved today, as police and military assisted the movement of people in and out of Bella Centre in an orderly fashion.

As of Tuesday, over 46,000 delegates and observers have registered for the climate change conference.

Of this number, 22,747 are registered observers, a big number of which are non governmental organisations.  From today, only 1,000 NGOs representatives will be allowed to attend the meetings on a daily basis.

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