Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pacific Voices @ COP 15: Solomon Islands youth and Samoa youth

Geoffrey Smith, Fiji TV, Climate Pasifika

Copenhagen, 15 December -


Maylin Sese, Solomon Islands Youth Delegate
Hi my name is Maylin Sese and I'm from the Solomon Islands and I really hope to hear that a deal is being signed in Copenhagen so that I can take this hope to my people in the Solomon Islands. I'm really hoping that this deal can be legally and ambitiously signed by those leaders. This is my only hope that I have.

Tamati Fau, Samoa
I'm Tamati Fau from Samoa and I think what we need to get as the outcome of this COP15 is we hope that all that is needed to be achieved is achieved.

Christina Ora, Solomon Islands
Hi my name is Christina Ora and I'm from the Solomon Islands and I'm here in Copenhagen to put the voice of the Pacific Islanders out there and what I hope to achieve out of this is the experience and what we all wanted and hope and pray for, a legally binding agreement, so seal the deal.

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