Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pacific Voices@ COP15: Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu

Geoffrey Smith, Fiji TV, Climate Pasifika
Copenhagen, 15 December

Annie Rasmussen: Samoa delegate

Hi my name is Annie and Im from Samoa I don't know what our expectations are from this meeting but we are looking for a legally binding agreement as all the small island countries are calling for. So thats what our expectation is here we are not looking for politically binding agreement but a two track legally binding agreement so I hope we reach that in this COP otherwise then are are just wasting our time here.

Subashni Raj: Fiji Youth
Im hoping that leaders have their ears fixed this time .... so we'll see how things go, we still have one week to go.

Diana Saili: Vanuatu youth
Hi, I'm Diana from Vanuatu and I'm here at COP15 to make a difference and I hope that out of COP15 that I get a legally binding a agreement and if that dosen't happen after COP15 us Pacific Islanders should stand together and work together because we live in one ocean and we're one people and we have one problem and so we need one solution and that is to reduce carbon emissions and adapt.

Hi, I'm Subashni Raj and I'm from Fiji and I'm here with 350. I'm here at COP15 to try and get the peoples voices out to the leaders and be the human face that every time the leaders walk by they see us and they remember that this is for the people. This is not about the money.

You know we try everyday. On Saturday we had the biggest protest on climate change in the history of mankind and by doing this we hope to get the message out to the worlds leaders that are meeting here at COP15 that we are very serious and people realise the gravity of the situation.

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