Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Pacific youth will keep on fghting until Leaders listen

Ahimsa Kibikibi, PNG National Broadcasting Corporation, Climate Pasifika  
Copenhagen, 15 December - They will not be statistics and they will not shut up until leaders take action, here in Copenhagen or beyond.

Pacific youth gave this resolve and today showed in many ways why the Pacific is unique, not only because of its rich bio-diversity, languages and cultures but also its food. 

Coconut, a main ingredient and source of food found on all islands and coastal regions also featured, guests at the Pacific youth press conference were given a taste of coconut ice and for some it may have been their first taste of the Pacific's tree of Life, as none was left on the tray at the end of the session. 

The youth gave strong messages through poems and presentations on how their countries are being affected by climate change. 

Here are some of their messages: 

Audio transcript:  ' we want the developed countries to champion this cause, India and China have led the cause, we want you to continue there is more that can be done, lives are at stake here and you have heard stories not just statistics, real island people," (Vanuatu)

Audio transcript: ' we call upon the world leaders, to ask with humanity and without delay, we call also on world leaders to help raise our voice and we call on all citizens of the planet to address with real good passion, committment and urgency.' (Kiribati)

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